new mother nursing products

What Are The New Mother Nursing Products You Should Get?

From staying up all night to taking care of your crying baby to having sore nipples after nursing, it can be a tough job to handle especially if you are a new mother. There are lots of products you can give to new mothers who need some aid to alleviate the common ailments of post-pregnancy. Mothers may experience back aches and sore legs from bad posture and even mastitis that is caused by infections during breastfeeding. Here are a list of new mother nursing products you can purchase for your wife or sister to help them with their post-pregnancy symptoms. 

Nursing Pillow 

Using a nursing pillow will definitely make a mother more comfortable during nursing and feeding. It provides support for the mother and her baby while you feed them. The nursing pillow can lift your baby which can reduce the load on the mother’s shoulders, back and arms the baby will have a pillowy cushion to lie down on. 

new mother nursing products

Nursing Bras

Having a supportive nursing bra is also helpful for new mothers. Apart from it being way more comfortable than the usual wired bra, a nursing bra can provide you with the support and comfort that a mother needs especially during the first few weeks that she starts breastfeeding. Nursing bras also have cups that can be hooked off and pulled down so that she can access her breasts easily during nursing time. A nursing bra will also help you support your breasts properly to avoid too much strain on your back and shoulders.

Breast Pads 

Breast pads are among some of the new mother nursing products you should get for your wife to support her in her newfound motherhood. Breast pads, also know as nursing pads, are pads that are absorbent that can be placed inside the mother’s bra to help soak up any excess milk that leaks out from her breasts’. Not all women may leak but it can be common for women to leak during the first few weeks of lactation as her milk supply is adjusting itself. The leaking can come at very unexpected times, therefore it’s good to be prepared with a breast pad in case of an emergency. 

Ointments & Nipple Creams 

All nursing mothers will eventually experience having sore and cracked nipples during nursing at one point of motherhood. Keeping nipple creams and ointments in hand can be helpful to sooth and heal cracked and sore nipples. Some mothers may prefer using nipple creams which are Lanolin based, but some may find that it is natural based nipple creams and ointments are much more effective for them. Therefore, it’s good to try which one suits you best. 

In conclusion, having your first baby and beginning your journey into motherhood is a very exciting time to be in, but it can also be very stressful and intimidating for new mothers. Many mothers will encounter hiccups and obstacles in the beginning of motherhood but it’s good to have some support from your family and keep yourself strong-minded.